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idle mind is the whorehouse of the daemon







1.Revolver / The Beatles

2.Beggars Banquet / The Rolling Stones

3.Who's Next / The Who

4.Led Zeppelin 2 / Led Zeppelin

5.Paranoid / Black Sabbath

6.Trout Mask Replica / Captain Beefheart

7.Live at the Harlem Square Club / Sam Cooke

8.Red / king Crimson

9.Tarkus / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

10.Close To The Edge / YES

11.Piper At Gates Of Dawn / Pink Floyd

12.Live / magma

13.Future Days / Can

14.Stand By / Heldon

15.Strange Days / The Doors

16.White Light White Heat / The Velvet Underground

17.Marquee Moon / Television

18.Radio Ethiopia / Patti Smith

19.End Of The Century / Ramones

20.Blank Generation / Richard Hell & The Voidoids

21.Remain In light / Talking Heads

22.Buy / James Chance & The Contortions

23.Never Mind The Bollocks / Sex Pistols

24.Damned Damned Damned / The Damned

25.London Calling / The Clash

26.Inflammable Material / Stiff Little Fingers

27.No More heroes / The Stranglers

28.Ace Of Spades / Motorhead

29.Over The Edge / Wipers

30.Dameged / Black Flag

31.Rock For Right / Bad brains

32.Why / Discharge

33.Heaven Up Here / Echo & The Bunnymen

34.Substance / Joy Division

35.Substance / New Order

36.Killing Joke / Killing Joke

37.Odyshape / The Raincoats

38.Cut / The Slits

39.Songs About Fucking / Big Black

40.Y / The Pop Group

41.Metal Box / Public Image Limited

42.This Heat / This heat

43.In"Jane Fron Occupied Europe" / Swell Maps

44.Heroes / David Bowie

45.Purple Rain / Prince & The Revolution

46.Our Favourite Shop / The Style Council

47.Psycho Candy / The Jesus and Mary Chain

48.Kollaps / Einstürzende Neubauten

49.Daydream Nation / Sonic Youth

50.Appetite For Destruction / Guns N' Roses

51.Nevermind / Nirvana

52.Wish / The Cure

53.Green Mind / Dinosaur jr.

54.Loveless / My Bloody Valentine

55.Screamadelica / Primal Scream

56.The Comforts Of Madness / Pale Saints

57.Siamese Dream / Smashing Punmpkins

58.Odelay / Beck

59.Parklife / Blur

60.Definitely Maybe / Oasis

61.OK Computer / Radiohead

62.Weezer (Blue Album) / Weezer

63.Satori / Flower Travellin' Band

64.PYG! / PYG

65.EVE / Speed, Glue & Shinki

66.晩餐 / Food Brain

67.一触即発 / 四人囃子

68.風街ろまん / はっぴいえんど

69.楽しい夕に / RC SUCCESSION

70.燃えつきる キャロルラストライヴ!! 1975.4.13. / CAROL

71.Public Pressure / Yellow Magic Orchestra

72.Welcome Plastics / Plastics

73.虫 / The Stalin

74.Deathtopia / Auto-Mod

75.蔵六の奇病 / 非常階段

76.Fight or Flight / The Mods

77.Boys & Girls / ARB


79.Phew / Phew

80.青盤 / あぶらだこ

81.ピース / 有頂天


83.Shambara / Dead End

84.裸の王様 / じゃがたら

85.DETESTation / G.I.S.M

86.服部 / ユニコーン



89.ヘッド博士世界塔 / Flipper's Guitar

90.Mother / LUNA SEA

91.空中キャンプ / Fishmans

92.Super Ae / BOREDOMS

93.フェイクファー / スピッツ

94.C.B.Jim / Blankey Jet City

95.ココロに花を / エレファントカシマシ

96.GEAR BLUES / thee michelle gun elephant

97.Kocorono / Bloodthirsty Butchers

98.Sim City / 平沢進

99.Buzz Songs / Dragon Ash

100. 無罪モラトリアム / 椎名林檎


すみませんJimi Hendrixを完全に入れ忘れてしまいました。

追記② 2/21

Sonic Youth綴りが違う、ご指摘感謝。訂正しました。

Stone RosesやSmithsあたりはTOP110なら入ったと思います

追記③ 2/22









NCT’s Shotaro brought me here. That looks so painful 🥺

I don’t understand a thing, but y’all must be working out so hard~~



i came to see shotaro but i’m so confused what’s going on


I came here for shotaro but my lack of understanding of Japanese makes this amazingly funny I watched the whole thing











6話、Pink Floyd



8話、The Who










楽園こちら側」の「事実に誠意を」をほぼdeepLで翻訳してみた その1








1 Most of what I'm about to write is no different from what I've said and done in the past. However, I have been asked the same question repeatedly, so I would like to reiterate it. We have received many inquiries from overseas as well, so we should have prepared the same content in English, but due to time constraints, I'm afraid I'll have to skip it. This article is designed to be read without basic knowledge of infectious diseases and jargon, but it is rather difficult to understand. Please forgive me for that.


2 The fact that the number of COVID-19 reports in Japan is very low compared to other countries is attracting attention from home and abroad. Is it true? It has been pointed out that the number of tests is so small that we may be misreading the actual number of infected people.

感想home and abrodeでいいんだろうか?

3 However, this point is wrong at various layers. In the first place, Japan does not aim to capture all the numbers of COVID-19. Whether it's administrative testing or insured care, the state basically has a testing strategy in mind to diagnose, hospitalize, and isolate critically ill patients who need to be hospitalized. It is natural that they "haven't figured it out" and they don't intend to. That's not a bad thing.In fact, the situation is the same in every country, large or small, and no country, whether in the United States, Europe, or Asia, is aiming to "capture the whole number.




The WHO is not asking for such a thing. But instead, Japan gives PCR to asymptomatic returnees and isolates asymptomatic test-positive people in hospital (wasn't it home for people with minor illnesses?). It has not been coherent in its principles. So, people get anxious because "we're not sure what they want to do". It's a failure in the press.



4 The difference between Korea and Japan is the "result" and not the "purpose". In South Korea, where the number of infected people had surged in one place, we had to focus on inspections in and around the area. If such a phenomenon (let's call it an overshoot) occurs in Japan, the number of inspections will increase. When the situation is different, arguing only on the basis of the number of tests without observing the situation is like trying to say, "That team made 50 sliding tackles while this team made only one," without watching a football game. In games where you don't have to slide (e.g., when you're in possession the whole time), even 0 times isn't a "mistake," and of course 50 times isn't a mistake.


5 全数把握ができていない疾患など山のようにある。日本ではインフルエンザの「全数」把握はしておらず、定点観測である疫学上、感染対策上、それで十分な情報が得られているからだ。日本で毎年風邪が何例発生しているか、正確に把握したデータはない。レセプトデータを見ればわかるじゃないか、というのも間違いで、なぜなら多くの風邪患者は(ぼくのように)受診せずに自然に治るまで待っている。医療に限らず、経済学でも政治学でもデータサンプリングから母数を推定するのがほとんどで、「全数」は非効率的状態把握法なのだ

There are many diseases for which the total number of patients is not known. In Japan, we do not have a "total" number of influenza cases, but only a fixed-point observation. Because that's enough information, both epidemiologically and in terms of infection control. There is no accurate data on how many cases of the common cold occur each year in Japan. It's also a mistake to say that you can tell by looking at the receipt data, because many cold patients (like me) don't see a doctor and wait until they are cured naturally. Not only in medicine, but also in economics and political science, data are mostly based on sampling to estimate population numbers, and "whole numbers" is an inefficient way of grasping the situation.


6 We have not seen the devastation in Japan as in Italy, Spain or New York City. There is no medical collapse in a critically ill patient, no use of the operating room as an ICU, no piling up of bodies on a skating rink with no place to put them. Even if the "numbers" are not known, it is a fact that the current situation in Japan (including Tokyo) is much better controlled than in other countries.


7 Even so, you may be interested in "Well, what about the actual situation? There are estimates. For example, Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura and his group estimate that the number of mild illnesses in Japan may be twice the reported number. The catch rate is 0.44, with a 95% confidence interval of 0.37-0.50.


8 Although the study was based on data from China, there is no guarantee that the Chinese COVID-19 demographic is the same as the Japanese one. Also, since the original study did not include asymptomatic patients or those with minor illnesses that did not require hospitalization, the number of infected patients estimated on that basis would inevitably be an underestimate. If you are more paranoid, it's not unreasonable to believe that "the Japanese and Chinese viruses are different because of the mutation" (although I don't think so).


9 This does not diminish the value of the paper itself. The model must always use existing parameters, and it is often impossible to prove the external validity of these parameters. If the underlying parameters are not reasonable, the predictions will not be correct. A model assumes a simplified world insofar as it is a model. A model without simplification, which is an adjectival contradiction.


To complain about these "assumptions" of the mathematical model is like complaining, for example, "You can't explain disease B," when a randomized controlled trial is conducted for disease A. This is a meaningless tirade against the honor of the industry.


10 しかし、論文読み手にとっては別である

However, it is different for the reader of the paper.

A mathematical model that assumes a certain hypothesis should have internal academic validity, but it is the responsibility of the reader, as a resident of the real world, to appraise it in the real world.


Just as the RCT findings for disease A should not be used for disease B, it is natural to understand the limitations of the mathematical model and to be careful when applying it to the real world. For example, it would be wrong to read the paper and conclude that the total number of infected people in Tokyo is about 500 as of March 26.

感想;「読み手は別である」を「読み手にとっては別である」に変更し、「制限限界」は「limitations and limitations」になったので片方削った。

11 People make mistakes. The models are also wrong. Being wrong is not a big deal. The problem is to notice your mistakes and make corrections. Already, a group at Imperial College London has admitted that its original estimate that the peak of the infection should be moderated was "wrong" and has revised its prediction that the ICU will soon fail if it does not fight the virus fairly aggressively.




also used in the original pilot episode for scenes at Winterfell.[94] The producers initially considered filming the whole series in Scotland, but decided on Northern Ireland because of the availability of studio space.[95]











I wish Japanese netizen living in, something like 増田, or anywhere else, would someday become accustomed to talking in English on their own, and the whole "japanosphere? is connected to the "outersphere".

Once I thought such a klap in something like, ah, fuckin Reddit, and immediately found that it doesn't help anymore. I like the whole atmosphere that circulates the "japanosphere" as within which I was also growon up and I hope someday the border be eliminated on the virtue of the total equality.






The Whoの人も言ってたけど、本当にI hope I die before I get old.だなあ(長生フラグ)






「obligated to do so」なのは「email/talk to anyone else according to what they think is the fastest way

to solve a problem for the benefit of the whole company」することだと思うので、

















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私は大学生ですが、最近は二代目川の試験場に免許更新で行きました。私は突然エスペランサ・スパルディングのようなアフロ髪の女性とは逆でしたが、私の髪型はとても美しいですが、私の顔はとてもきれいでしたその日に緊張を交わしてその日のラインを交換しましたが、メッセージが届きましたが、それはゴングコンソムの招待で、もっと緊張しました。すぐに部署の友人と話した後、私はメンバーを集め、池袋プライベートルームパブに集まりました昨日エスペランサ・スパルディング緊急事態になったので、私は遅く入社したので、当分の間、私は男女3人で飲み始めました。私は4人の女の子3を飲み始めました.3人の女の子の状況は明らかに狂っていました。誰もがかわいいが、顔はかわいいですが、その行動は一貫して疑わしく、常に鈍いです。絶対に適度には私たちは一緒に取り組もうとしていません。不安ですが、私は一度にピンを持ってくるので、彼らはすべて処女であり、男性にはあまり慣れていないので、彼らは緊張していると思います。そのようなことが起きれば、男性は再び興奮するという意味で生まれ変わりますあなたがすでに行ったことと混同している場合は、緊張を緩和することはできません。予期せぬ開発3人のうち1人が、実際にバッグから小冊子を取り出して、男性に配布し始めました私たちが密接に見ると、それは新興宗教入学ガイドとしては聞いたことのないグループ名ですが、私たち真剣私たち募集し始めると言うことを驚かせていますカルトの偉大さと歴史の深さと利益尊重しかし、少女の3人はすべて少し前に手を変え、今はリラックスしているので、私たちは静かなまま静かにしなければならないすぐw地獄のように時間が掛かり、突然個室の枝が崩壊する突然、女の子たちが一瞬に叫んで「女達さま」と叫んだ。彼らが見ているように、それらを見て、全身にぼかしをかけ、アフロヘアの神々を金色の杖で立って立て、Esperanza Spaldingとよく会ってください。プラカードに素敵な笑顔を浮かべている間、「大成功です!それはすべて書かれたようにすべて書かれていました。それはカルトの入口指針と思われる本物のものでしたが、あなたがしたいことを尋ねるなら、デザイン専攻の友人と協力することです、挨拶歴史写真イラスト豊富に使われてレイアウトも詰まっているこの無駄エネルギー注ぎ込みは普通思慮深いと思っていましたが、通常は美しさと演劇劇場サークルですそこの俳優になってください、ちょっと前に、私はこの偽の宗教のDokkariを思いついて目標を探しました。私は真実に捕らえられたようでしたので、3人の友人が協力してくれたようです私は恋人となったので、疑わしい行動が疑わしい女の子たちは緊張感を緩和していたので、Españaも最高のファンキーであった。Spallingもファンキーだったので、私はすでにそれを楽しんでいた。私は明らかに崩壊したようでしたが、私が目を覚ましたときインターネットカフェに4人の男性がいて、みんながあまりにも多くを思い出していました。私はよく分からない、女の子はどこにも見られません。私はEsperanza Spaldingに行けても、美容師とのゴシップ危険だと思って、ネットカフェプライベートルームにこれを書きました。



Also revealing is a footnote in Keynes’ biographical essay on Alfred Marshall:

Professor Planck, of Berlin, the famous originator of the Quantum Theory, once remarked to me that in early life he had thought of studying economics, but had found it too difficult! Professor Planck could easily master the whole corpus of mathematical economics in a few days. He did not mean that! But the amalgam of logic and intuition and the wide knowledge of facts, most of which are not precise, which is required for economic interpretation in its highest form is, quite truly, overwhelmingly difficult for those whose gift mainly consists in the power to imagine and pursue to their furthest points the implications and prior conditions of comparatively simple facts which are known with a high degree of precision.

(Keynes, Essays in Biography 1951 158n)









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まず薬物のゲートウェイ理論に関する最初期の論文(たぶん最初じゃないかな?)はKandel (1975)ね。





まりは"酒・タバコ大麻 → その他違法ドラッグ"という一連の流れ("Gateway" sequence)が存在するのではないか、という話。









Vanyukov et al. (2012)はゲートウェイ理論とその対立仮説であるCLA (Common Liability to Addiction: 薬物中毒に対する一般的傾向)説に関して、いろんな論文を集めて論じたものだ。


ゲートウェイ理論の一連の流れ("Gateway" sequence)に因果関係が示されていない








Agrawal and Lynskey (2014)。




・"Gateway" sequence自体はよく観察される






Degenhardt et al. (2010)。これは良い。なにせ調査国に日本が入ってる上にけっこう字数も割いてくれてる。

実はさっきのレビュー論文(Vanyukov et al., 2012)でも引用されてたりする。


・"Gateway" sequenceは、因果関係ではなく"計測されていない共通の原因(unmeasured common causes)"を反映していると考えられる。






じゃあ"飲酒喫煙→他の違法ドラッグ"のパターンはどうかと言えば、何故かは知らんがこれもまた調査国中で最も低頻度なのだ (※)。

ゲートウェイ理論絶対殺すカントリー 日本





(1)"合法ドラッグ→軽いドラッグ→重いドラッグ"といったGateway sequence自体はよく観察される、







Agrawal A., Lynskey M. T. (2014) Cannabis controversies: how genetics can inform the study of comorbidity. Addiction, 109, 360–370.

Degenhardt L, Dierker L, Chiu WT, et al. (2010) Evaluating the drug use gateway theory using cross-national data: consistency and associations of the order of initiation of drug use among participants in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys. Drug Alcohol Depend, 108, 84–97.

Kandel D. (1975) Stages in adolescent involvement in drug use. Science, 190, 912–914.

Vanyukov MM, Tarter RE, Kirillova GP, et al. (2012) Common liability to addiction and “gateway hypothesis”: theoretical, empirical and evolutionary perspective. Drug Alcohol Depend, 123, S3–S17.




写実的実存感に溢れる流麗な映像と共にかかるThe WHOのMy Generationに、山田尚子監督京都アニメーションの円熟と"私(達)の時代の話をしているんだ"という監督の高らかな宣言を感じた。






























Toxins are everywhere. Car exhaust, secondhand smoke, flame retardants, plastic packaging, heavy metals, pesticides, BPA-coated receipts… Unless you’re living in virgin forest, you’re going to come into contact with some less-than-optimal chemicals pretty much every day.

That’s definitely no reason to panic. In fact, small doses of toxins may be good for you because of a phenomenon called hormesis – mild stress makes your cells work more efficiently. However, your body can have trouble clearing certain toxins. You eliminate most of the bisphenol-A (BPA) and other plastics you ingest, but a small percentage hides away in your fat cells, messing with your hormones and accumulating over time. It’s the same deal with several mold toxins, heavy metals like lead, nickel, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum, and with certain pharmaceuticals and drugs like THC.

A good detox protocol can help you eliminate these more stubborn toxins. The trouble is that many common detoxes don’t work. Juice and water cleanses, for example, are often actually counterproductive because they deprive your body of essential nutrients it needs to function. That said, there are a few genuine ways to detox.

Because so many toxins stay in your fat cells, one way to detox is through lipolysis – breaking down your fat cells and releasing the hard-to-reach toxins stored within them. Lipolysis is especially effective when you combine it with liver and kidney support or adsorbents that can suck up the released toxins. This article focuses on all of the above. Let’s start with saunas.

1) Sauna sessions

Sweating does more than cool you off. It also helps you get rid of both heavy metals and xenobiotics – foreign compounds like plastics and petrochemicals – in small but significant amounts. A 2012 review of 50 studies found that sweating removes lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury, especially in people with high heavy metal toxicity [1]. Another study put participants in both traditional and infrared saunas and found similar results [2]. Sweating also eliminates hormone-disrupting BPA, which accumulates in your fat cells [3].

There’s debate about the best kind of sauna for detoxification. A couple studies have shown that infrared saunas are the most effective for detoxing, but the research was funded by infrared sauna companies, so the results are questionable. Both traditional and infrared saunas are effective for detoxing [2]. That said, I prefer infrared saunas for a few reasons:

They don’t get as hot. Traditional saunas heat the air around you, while infrared light penetrates and heats your tissue directly. You sweat in an infrared sauna at around 130-150 degrees instead of at 180-200 degrees, so you can stay in for longer without feeling like you’re going to pass out. I’ve done 2-hour infrared sauna sessions (drinking salt water the whole time to replenish electrolytes and fluids, of course).

They’re easier on your electric bill. Again, infrared saunas require less energy, especially if you get a sauna that reflects infrared light back on you. This one, for example, costs about 15 cents an hour to run.

Infrared saunas are often cheaper.

I personally use a Sunlighten infrared sauna and love it. If you don’t want to buy an infrared sauna and there isn’t one around you, a standard sauna will work perfectly well [2]. There’s probably one in your local gym.

Keep in mind that sweating pulls electrolytes and trace minerals from your body, so it’s important to drink a lot of fluids and get plenty of salt (preferably Himalayan pink salt or another mineral-rich natural salt) if you’re going to use a sauna to detox [2].

2) Exercise

Exercise is another way to flush toxins from your body, and through more than just making you sweat. Exercise increases lipolysis (the breakdown of fat tissue), releasing toxins stored in your fat tissue. Studies show that people who exercise and lose body fat end up with higher levels of circulating hormone disruptors [4]. Increasing lipolysis through diet does the same thing [5].

Mobilizing toxins isn’t necessarily a good thing, particularly if you’re unequipped to get rid of them. You want to be sure you’re getting rid of toxins, not just moving them to a different part of your body. Working out addresses the issue to a degree: it improves circulation, providing more oxygen to your liver and kidneys so they can better filter out toxins. You can also give your system even more support and pull out bad stuff with the next two detox tools: activated charcoal and glutathione.

3) Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that has massive surface area and a strong negative charge. It’s been around for thousands of years and it’s still used in emergency rooms today to treat poisoning.

Charcoal binds to chemicals whose molecules have positive charges, including aflatoxin and other polar mycotoxins [6], BPA [7], and common pesticides [8]. Once the chemicals attach to the charcoal you can pass them normally (i.e. poop them out).

Charcoal can bind to the good stuff, too, so I don’t recommend taking it within an hour of other supplements. Try taking a couple charcoal pills along with exercise or have a sauna session. They should adsorb many of the toxins you release into your gut and GI tract.

4) Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects you from heavy metal damage, according to studies in both human and rat cells [9,10,11,12]. Glutathione also supports liver enzymes that break down mold toxins and heavy metals. Your digestion will destroy normal glutathione, so opt for a liposomal glutathione supplement that makes it through your stomach. You can also supplement with N-acetylcysteine and alpha-lipoic acid, which your body can use to build glutathione on its own [13]. If you have severe heavy metal or mycotoxin poisoning, talk to a naturopath or functional medicine doctor about intravenous (IV) glutathione. It’s expensive and less convenient than an oral supplement, but it works very well.

5) Cryolipolysis

We’ve talked about how heat and exercise can increase fat burning to detox your fat cells. It turns out cold can do the same. Cryochambers are gaining popularity with professional athletes and other high performers for their ability to quell inflammation. It turns out they can help you burn fat – and release the toxins stored in itas well.

A cryochamber uses liquid nitrogen to supercool your body, stimulating mitochondrial function and decreasing inflammation. Intense cold also destroys fat cells, which has led to cryolipolysis therapy as a way to slim down [14,15]. You can use it to detox, too.

Can’t get your hands on a cryochamber? Try traditional cold thermogenesis instead.

6) Ketosis

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t found studies specifically looking at ketosis and toxin load, so you may want to take this section with a grain of (Himalayan) salt. That said, ketosis is a very effective way to induce lipolysis, particularly if you’re fasting.

When you’re in ketosis and you haven’t eaten recently, your body breaks down your fat stores into free fatty acids, which it then converts to ketones for fuel. That means that, in theory, you should be able to supercharge your detox (and fat loss) by dropping into nutritional ketosis.

The Bulletproof Diet puts you into mild ketosis, which curbs your hunger and sharpens your brain without forcing you to forego carbs entirely. If you want to try nutritional ketosis for detoxing, youll have to modify the Bulletproof Diet slightly. Skip carb reefed days for a couple weeks and limit carbs to ~30-50 grams per day. You can use keto urine strips or – even better – a blood ketone meter to test and make sure you’re becoming fat-adapted. Once your levels read around 1.5 mg/dL, you’re comfortably in nutritional ketosis. At that point, fasting will attack your fat stores and mobilize toxins, which you can mop up with activated charcoal or sweat out (or both).

7) Chelation therapy for heavy metals

Chelation therapy is the strongest way to detox heavy metals. It can also be dangerous, so many doctors don’t recommend it unless you have moderate to severe heavy metal poisoning. Chelation therapy uses compounds called chelators that form strong bonds with heavy metals, leaving them unable to further poison your body. You can then pass them normally. Chelation therapy is very effective for removing lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, iron, and copper.

If you’ve been exposed to a lot of heavy metals, talk to a functional medicine doctor about chelation therapy. You really want to go to a medical professional for this one, because it’s so effective that if your liver and kidneys aren’t able to process the metals (a common problem in people with heavy metal poisoning) you can get seriously ill.

Combining detox methods for maximum effect

Each of these 7 methods works well on its own, and you can stack methods for an even greater effect. Exercise and sauna sessions are a good example. Preliminary evidence suggests that exercising and then hitting the sauna afterward will detoxify you better than either one alone does [16]. With that in mind, here’s a sample detox protocol:

Take 2-3 mL liposomal glutathione and 2-3 g vitamin C an hour before exercising.

Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes (HIIT is a good option).

Take 3-4 activated charcoal pills.

Spend 45-60 minutes in a sauna. Remember to get plenty of water and salt/electrolytes.

If you have a lot of fat and you’re burning it off quickly, you’re probably getting rid of a lot of toxins in one fell swoop, and you may get a headache, digestive problems, brain fog, etc. If that happens try taking more glutathione, vitamin C, and charcoal. Be sure you take charcoal at least an hour away from other supplements, as it binds to vitamin C.

Toxins are a fact of modern life, especially if you live in a city or somewhere with poor air quality, mold, and/or a lot of petrochemical byproducts. These detox methods can give your body a little extra support dealing with pollutants and help you perform your best.

Subscribe below if you want more info about how to upgrade your body and brain. Thanks for reading and have a great week!




success quotes

Success is perceived as distinct from by different people. To some people, success quotes is merely living a healthy, happy life with people you love. To others, success is defined by having a accomplished career, lots of money and ingredient possessions. In either case, success takes hard work and dedication whether that be for a relationship or for your career.

best friend quotes

Friendship is a special love. And as well all know, a real friend is hard to find. So when you do find one, hang on tight! It also does not hurt to let them know every now and then only how much they mean to you.

Best Friend is much like love; you have to be able to take care of the person whom you call his friend. Friends are there for the whole time, whether a person is happy or is facing a fraudulent status quotes.

Quotesgiant.com - 2016 best sayings quotes

はてな匿名ダイアリー > sdfadfdchhの日記


success quotes

Success is perceived as distinct from by different people. To some people, success quotes is merely living a healthy, happy life with people you love. To others, success is defined by having a accomplished career, lots of money and ingredient possessions. In either case, success takes hard work and dedication whether that be for a relationship or for your career.

best friend quotes

Friendship is a special love. And as well all know, a real friend is hard to find. So when you do find one, hang on tight! It also does not hurt to let them know every now and then only how much they mean to you.

Best Friend is much like love; you have to be able to take care of the person whom you call his friend. Friends are there for the whole time, whether a person is happy or is facing a fraudulent status.













”渋谷系っぽい” - Twitter検索




















ROUND TABLECymbalsカジヒデキChocolat、Chappie、南波志帆などなど……

NHK-FM 今日は一日渋谷系三昧のプレイリストまとめ - NAVER まとめ









渋谷系=可愛くてポップ」という解釈はちょっと? だったりしますが、実際僕の歌詞もそう言う側面を持っているし


DMC特集 カジ ヒデキ インタビュー|MUSICSHELF



全員平成生まれ渋谷系宅録ユニット、OK?NO!!によるフル・アルバム。ポップだけど、どこか骨太で、ビートで踊れてパーティな新感覚ビートポップ・グループOK?NO!!。Cymbalsの影響を多分に受け、"Beat Your Cymbal!! Life is a party!!"を声高に叫びながら遂に全国リリース!

OK?NO!! | 全員平成生まれの渋谷系宅録ユニット、OK?NO!!


最新型渋谷系ポップバンド POLLYANNA / ポリアンナ



OK?NO!!にいたってはCymbalsの影響を公言しているし、POLLYANNAも「TAKE ME WITH OVERLAND」という曲を聴けばCymbalsの影響を受けたのだろうと推測できる。






あえていえばThe Whoなどのブリティッシュロックの影響が強い。





TWEEDEESのライブには、高校生のお客さんも来てくれます。で、彼らが何で僕の存在を知ったかというと、ゲームミュージックだったりするんです。北川くんの場合はアニメだったかな。若い方の中には、フリッパーズ・ギターピチカート・ファイヴではなく、CymbalsROUND TABLE渋谷系だと思っている人もいるみたいで。そこは自分でもよくわからない感覚です。

沖井礼二と黒田隆憲が語る“ポップスの暴力性”とは?「気持ちいいところは過剰にした方がいい」|Real Sound|リアルサウンド


Cymbalsの楽曲は「Rally」「Show Business」が版権曲として音ゲーに収録されていたし(音源は異なるが)、沖井礼二「空への扉」「Break on Through」「Runnin' away」などの曲をpop'n musicに提供している。



ポスト渋谷系にみる、音ゲー楽曲と邦楽シーンの影響関係(前半) - ダストポップ


























アキシブ系 - Wikipedia




きんいろモザイク」のEDでは、90年代後半にQYPTHONEというバンドデビューした中塚武による楽曲「Your voice」、「My Best Friends」が使用されているし、



さらに、アニメ主題歌において語らずにおけないのがROUND TABLE北川勝利である

Ninoをボーカルに迎えたROUND TABLE featuring Ninoとして多くのアニメ主題歌を手掛け、また坂本真綾牧野由依中島愛やなぎなぎへの楽曲提供など、枚挙に暇がない。

(ここでフライングドッグというレーベル渋谷系の関係なども語りたいところだが、とりとめもないので割愛する)参考:渋谷系と声優とレーベルの話 - AOI-CAT's diary



昨年放送されたアニメアイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ」はMONACA田中秀和が音楽を手掛けているが、劇伴のテーマは「渋谷系」であったと明かされている。







「アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ」アニメ新PV


【楽曲試聴】「The Girls Etiquette (M22)」

【楽曲試聴】「The Dancing Glass Slippers (M25)」

【楽曲試聴】「Passione (M04)」







花澤香菜×北川勝利が明かす、“極上のポップソング”の作り方「人生と音楽がより密接になってきた」|Real Sound|リアルサウンド


Amazonレビューでも渋谷系について言及したものが見られる。Amazon.co.jp: 花澤香菜 : claire - ミュージック

花澤香菜の音楽は渋谷系だという語り口はネット上で多く散見される。花澤香菜 渋谷系 - Twitter検索



また、この「claire」に加え、沖井礼二末光篤筒美京平などが参加した竹達彩奈apple symphony」の2つに影響を受けたアイドルプロデューサーがいる。




connie NONA REEVESの「POP STATION」、花澤香菜さんの「claire」、竹達彩奈さんの「apple symphony」です。

T-Palette Records#3 Negicco (4/6) - 音楽ナタリー Power Push





世代的にはROUND TABLECymbalsと同じ世代であるのだが(奥田健介Cymbalsサポートメンバー)、







夢みるアドレセンス 『くらっちゅサマー』MV


レトロメモリーPV 【capsule】


















Your English is just okay: I mean, I can fully understand what you'd like to say, but the whole paragraph sounds a bit . . . like, straight from a honyaku-konnyaku (translation machine). Never mind. But could you please use spaces properly at least? It's very hard to read your post. Thx

Interesting question in that anonymous blogs do not necessarily assure credibility of contents.But just rewriting the essay in English don't pay.I will respond to you If you ask me with regard to the essay.Assuring credibility by some writings means that you verify them.So that, this is the fair way of doing it.

And mind you, I'm just a passer-by, not moto-masuda. Good luck.


Portable electronic equipment battery technology

1, about the trickle charge, rapid charging and stable battery charging algorithm

According to the energy requirements of the final application, a battery may contain up to 4 lithium ion or lithium polymer battery core, its configuration will have a variety of change, at the same time with a mainstream power adapter: direct adapter, USB interface or car charger. Remove the core quantity, core configuration or power adapter type difference, the battery has the same charge characteristics. So they charge algorithm. Lithium ion and li-ion polymer battery best charging algorithm can divided into three phases: trickle charge, rapid charging and stable charge.

trickle charge. For depth discharge core to charge. When core voltage in less than about 2.8 V, use a constant 0.1 C of the current charging for it.

fast charging. Core voltage trickle charge more than the threshold, improve the charging current rapid charging. Fast charging current should be lower than 1.0 C.

stable voltage. In the fast charging process, once the core 4.2 V voltage, stable voltage phase began. This is through the minimum charge current or timer or of the two joint to interrupt charge. When the minimum current below about 0.07 C, can interrupt charge. The timer is to rely on a default to trigger the timer interrupt.

Advanced battery charger with additional security function normally. For example, if the core temperature exceeds the given window, usually 0 ℃-45 ℃, charge will be suspended.

Remove some very low-end equipment, now on the market/li-ion polymer lithium ion battery solutions are integrated with the outer components or, in accordance with the characteristics of the charging to charge, this is not just to get better effect charge, but also for safety.

lithium ion/polymer battery charge is an example of applications-double input 1.2 A lithium battery charger LTC4097

LTC4097 can be used to exchange adapter or USB power supply for single quarter/polymer lithium ion battery. Figure 1 for double input 1.2 A lithium battery charger LTC4097 schemes. It USES constant current/constant voltage algorithm charging, from exchange adapter power charge, programmable filling up to 1.2 electric current A, and with USB power can be as high as 1 A, at the same time, automatic detection in each input voltage whether there. This device also provide USB the current limit. Applications include PDA, MP3 players, digital camera, light portable medical and test equipment and big color cellular phone. The performance characteristics: no external micro controller charging termination; The input power automatic detection and choice; Through the resistance from the exchange of charging adapter input can be as high as 1.2 A programming charge current; The resistance of programmable USB charging current is up to 1 A; 100% or 20% USB charging current set; The input power output and existing bias NTC (VNTC) pin as a 120 mA drive ability; NTC thermistors input (NTC) pin for temperature qualified charged; Pre-settings battery voltage with floating plus or minus 0.6% accuracy; Thermal regulation maximize charge rate and free hot air LTC4097 can be used to exchange adapter or USB power supply for single quarter/polymer lithium ion battery. The use of constant current/constant voltage algorithm charging, from exchange adapter power charge, programmable filling up to 1.2 electric current A, and with USB power can be as high as 1 A, at the same time, automatic detection in each input voltage whether there. This device also provide USB the current limit. Applications include PDA, MP3 players, digital camera, light portable medical and test equipment and big color cellular phone.

2, lithium ion/polymer battery scheme

Lithium ion/polymer battery charge scheme for different number of core, core configuration, and power types are different. At present mainly have three main charging scheme: linear, Buck (step-down) switch and SEPIC (booster and step-down) switch.

2.1 linear scheme

When the input voltage in big with the charger with sufficient clearance of core after opening voltage, it is linear scheme, especially 1.0 C fast charging current than 1 A big too much. For example, MP3 players usually only one core, capacity from 700 to 1500 mAh differ, full charge voltage is open 4.2 V. MP3 player power is usually the AC/DC adapter or USB interface, the output is the rule of 5 V; At this time, the linear scheme is the most simple, most charger of the efficiency of the scheme. Figure 2 shows for lithium ion/polymer battery solution linear scheme, basic structure and linear voltage neat device.

linear scheme charger application examples-double input Li + charger and intelligent power source selector MAX8677A

MAX8677A is double input USB/AC adapter linear charger, built-in Smart Power Selector, used for rechargeable single quarter by Li + batteries portable devices. The charger integration of the battery and the external power source and load switch charging all the power switch, so that no external MOSFET. MAX8677A ideal used in portable devices, such as smart phones, PDA, portable media players, GPS navigation equipment, digital camera, and digital cameras.

MAX8677A can work in independent USB and the power input AC adapter or two input either one of the input. When connecting external power supply, intelligent power source selector allows the system not connect battery or can and depth discharge battery connection. Intelligent power source selector will automatically switch to the battery system load, use the system did not use the input power supply parts for battery, make full use of limited USB and adapter power supply input. All the needed electric current detection circuit, including the integration of the power switch, all integration in the piece. DC input current highest limit can be adjusted to 2 A and DC and USB input all can support 100 mA, 500 mA, and USB hung mode. Charge current can be adjusted to as high as 1.5 A, thus support wide range of battery capacitive. Other features include MAX8677A thermal regulation, over-voltage protection, charging status and fault output, power supply good surveillance, battery thermistors surveillance, and charging timer. MAX8677A using save a space, hot enhanced, 4 mm x 4 mm, 24 of the pins TQFN encapsulation, regulations, work in exceptional temperature range (40 ~ + 85 ℃).

2.2 Buck (step-down) switch scheme

When A 1.0 C of the charging current more than 1 A, or the input voltage of the core than with high voltage open many, Buck or step-down plan is A better choice. For example, based on the hard drive in the PMP, often use single core lithium ion battery, the full of open is 4.2 V voltage, capacity from 1200 to 2400 mAh range. And now PMP is usually use the car kit to charge, its output voltage in a 9 V to 16 between V. In the input voltage and battery voltage is the voltage difference between high (minimum 4.8 V) will make linear scheme lowers efficiency. This kind of low efficiency, plus more than 1.2 A 1 C fast charging electric current, have serious heat dissipation problems. To avoid this kind of situation, will the Buck scheme. Figure 3 for lithium ion/polymer battery charger scheme Buck diagram, basic structure with Buck (step-down) switching voltage regulators completely the same.

2.3 SEPIC (booster and step-down) switch scheme

In some use of three or four lithium ion/polymer core series equipments, charger of the input voltage is not always greater than the battery voltage. For example, laptop computers use 3 core lithium ion battery, full charge voltage is open 12.6 V (4.2 V x3), capacity is 1800 mAh to 3600 mAh from. Power supply input or output voltage is 1 6 V AC/DC adapter, or is car kit, the output voltage in a 9 V to 16 between V. Apparently, the linear and Buck solutions are not for this group of batteries. This is about to use SEPIC scheme, it can in the output voltage is higher than when the battery voltage, can be in the output voltage less than when the battery.

3, and power detection algorithm is proposed

Many portable products use voltage measurements to estimate the remaining battery power, but the battery voltage and surplus power relationship but will with the discharge rate, temperature and battery aging degree of change, make this kind of method can top 50% margin of error. The market for longer to use product demand unceasingly strengthens, so the system design personnel need more accurate solution. Use capacity check plan come to measure battery or consumption of electricity, will be in a wide range of application power to provide more accurate estimate of the battery power.

3.1 power detection algorithm is one of the examples of application, function complete list, double the battery portable battery application design

power detection principle. Good capacity check plan at least to have battery voltage, temperature and battery electric current, measuring method; A micro 9 a; And a set of and the verification of the punishment power detection algorithm is proposed. Bq2650x and bq27x00 is full capacity check program function, with a measuring voltage and temperature of the digital converter (ADC) and a measuring electric current and charging sensor the asp. These capacity check plan also has a microprocessor, is responsible for the implementation of the Texas instruments power detection algorithm is proposed. The algorithm can compensate the lithium ion battery life.low self-discharge, aging, the temperature and discharge rate, and other factors. Chip embedded microprocessor as host system processor save these calculation burden. Capacity check program can provide remaining power state information, bq27x00 series products also offer surplus can Run Time (Run Time to Empty) host may at any Time to capacity check plan these information query, then LED indicator light through or displays will inform the user battery. Capacity check meter is very easy to use, the system processor need only configuration 12 C or HDQ communication drive can.

The battery circuit description. Figure 4 (a) can be used for identification of IC functions with typical application circuit batteries. According to the use of IC testing program is different, the battery needs to have at least three to four outside the terminal.

VCC and BAT pins will even to the battery voltage, so that for, C power and the battery voltage measurement. The battery is connected a grounding resistance smaller detection resistors, let capacity check meter high impedance SRP and SRN input can monitor sensor resistance on both ends of the voltage. Through testing the current flows through a resistor can be used to judge the battery or release the amount of electricity. Designers choose detection resistance value must be considered when resistance on both ends of the voltage can't more than 100 mV, low resistance may be more hours in current errors. Circuit board layout must ensure that SRP and SRN to testing from as close as possible to the connection of the resistor sensor resistance end; In other words, they should be the Kelvin attachment.

HDQ pin need external and resistors, this resistance should be located the host or the main application, such capacity check plan to the battery and portable devices when sleep function enable connection broken. Advice and resistance choose 10 k Ω.

battery identification. A low cost WeiMao batteries are getting more and more serious, these cells may not contain OEM requirements of security protection circuit. So, genuine battery may contain figure 4 (a) shows the appraisal circuit. When to identify the battery, the host to contain IC (bq26150, the function is cyclic redundancy check (CRC)) issued the battery packs a ask value (challenge), the CRC will contain battery according to this inquiry value and, in the building of the IC in CRC polynomial calculation the CRC value. CRC is based on the host of command and IC secret in the query of the definition of the CRC polynomial completed, the host in CRC values calculated with the calculation result of well battery comparison to identify the appraisal success.

Once the battery through the appraisal, bq26150 will issue commands to ensure that the host and quantity test plan of material lines between normal communication. When the battery connection interruption or to connect, the whole the identification process will be repeated again.

double the battery application. Figure 4 (b) for use bq26500 support double the typical application of lithium ion battery circuit. In order to support more battery, and this circuit is adding a adjustable regulators. Capacity check millions of BAT pin and the bottom of a battery anode linked to complete the variable voltage measurement of the battery.

Host to be able to read capacity check plan of variable voltage measurement battery, to make sure the end of discharging threshold and charging terminate threshold. As for the remaining state power (RemainingStateofCapacity), do not need to read can use directly.

The above bq2650x and bq27x00 etc capacity check plan provides the battery manufacturer a simple to use options, this scheme L [just measuring battery voltage to be precise, so these capacity check plan can be applied to various battery framework, and can support the battery identification and double the battery application '

3.2 power detection algorithm is an example of applications another, can apply to all kinds of general voltmeter new IC.

Today's many manufacturers can provide a variety of voltmeter IC,, the user can choose the suitable function device, to optimize the product price. Use voltmeter measurement of storage battery parameters, the separate architecture allows users in the host custom power measurement algorithm within. Eliminating embedded processor battery cost. On this to Dallase semicconductor company called cases of DS2762 chip for typical analysis. A new separate voltmeter IC, its structure see chart 5 (a) below.

DS2762 application characteristics

DS2762 is a single quarter of lithium battery voltmeter and protection circuit, integrated into a tiny 2.46 mm x 2.74 mm inversion of packaging. Due to internal integration for power detection of high precise resistance, this device is very save a space. It is the small size and incomparable high level of integration, for mobile phone battery and other similar handheld products, such as PDA, etc, are all very ideal. Integrated protection circuit continuously monitoring the battery voltage, over voltage and flow fault (charging or discharge period). Different from the independent protection IC, DS2762 allow main processor surveillance/control protection FET conduction state, such, can DS2762 through the protection of the power system and the control circuit implementation. DS2762 can also charge a battery consumption has depth, when the battery voltage within three V, provide a limit of the charging current recovery path.

DS2762 accurate monitoring battery current, voltage and temperature, the dynamic range and resolution of common satisfy any mobile communication product testing standards. The measurement of current for internally generated when the integral, realize the power measurement. Through the real-time, continuous automatic disorders correct, the precision of power measurement can be increased. The built-in measuring resistance due to eliminate manufacturing process and temperature and cause resistance change, further improve the precision of the voltmeter. Important data stored in 32 bytes, can add the lock EEPROM; 16 bytes of SRAM are used to keep dynamic data. And DS2762 all communication all through the 1-Wire, more communication interface node, minimize the battery and the connection to the host. Its main features for; Single quarter of lithium battery protector; High precision current (power measurement), voltage and temperature measurement; Optional integrated 25 m Ω measuring resistance, each DS2762 after fine-tuning alone; 0 V battery restore charge; 32 bytes can lock EEPROM, 16 bytes SRAM, 64 a ROM;

1-Wire, node, digital communication interface; Support more battery power management, and through the protection system control FET power; Dormancy mode power supply current only 2 µ A (most); Work mode power supply current for 90 µ A (most); 2.46 mm x 2.74 mm inversion of packaging or 16 feet SSOP package led, and both are can choose with or without detection resistance; After has with e


Along the way, thank you

Do all the way, the dream all the way, and read all the way, the injury all the way, the youth of this shore, I eyebrow XinWei cu, listening to the wind tells the years of the past; Go all the way, appreciate all the way, listen to all the way, drunk all the way, time of the other side, you gently walk, bring me for my whole life the oath. Smile, as a jade, just like the cold winter la month of a warming Yang; Words, amiable and gentle, like stroke and a wisp of spring breeze; The heart, clear as bright, filled with tolerance and forthright.

In the boundless huge crowd, you I meet by chance, and then silence who know each other, as world all the fate, we own the roaming in, repeated a story of others. Looking at today's you and me, read the yesterday's he and she, original all is so similar to the ends of the earth, the same scene, every moment thousands of deduction. The different stage, the same script, different actors, the same lines, perhaps, that is what the world had said the world of mortals.

Life, seems to be a little spring and fall streams, no waves without wind, go light, so of the day, that you and I, is I have dreamed of. But he is always thinking of, perhaps our stories will be something different, always feel, I want life probably shouldn't so, always think, and the story you and I should deducing other wonderful. Perhaps this is the so-called is not satisfied with it.

Not content with me, occasionally also play a song in life all much ado about nothing. The occasional upset, the occasional sentimentality, occasionally sad sorrow bosom, such me, sometimes not even willing to tolerance, but you will always smiled and said it doesn't matter. A that's ok, covers the you to my tolerance. Thank you, thank you willing to listen to me, thank you willing to understand me, thank you for your concern and care of understanding.

Along the way, just behind the one season blossom has collected, have already in the years flows through place vanished, lift. Magging issues.it, those flowers, then no longer in those days Ming yan; Walk off, those figure, also do not know when from my life disappear; For a around, those familiar with smile, and those who agreed upon oath, and has set up a file in the baptism of the mood swept away. Looking back, QiFengChuYu also only you have been, from beginning to end with reckless abandon.

I know, you are always on, maybe not at nearby, but has lived in my heart. You are in my heart, so, I count the mirror in flower, and cicadas in the eyes of the tender you smile and looked at on the water, and know that you SiQi born rich, and son ChengYue vow.

You know, more than any other, I in the character of the much a slightly thin cool. Those who love, I do not say, and not understand; Those good, I don't talk, and not unknown; Those who warm, those carefully, I pretended that I don't know, but one can see in the eye, and talks to heart. I'm not good at expressing, doesn't mean I don't have felt in the heart, on the contrary, a warm action, a concern of look in the eyes, a warm words, of all things, I kept away, and put it in my heart.

Since always, all don't understand you in my life to a role play, from that year to now, you and I walked all the way from strangers, to close right now, our story is in what the beat is a? Perhaps the story is finalizing a play, also or two hearts were there, but I thank you have in this warm attitude in my MingTu.

Thank you for the lonely in my time took me by the hand, and thank you for making me again believe a fairy tale of aestheticism, thank you for your face my unreasonable never give up, thank you for your tender feelings with the whole life the warmth of my I thin cool, thank you to accompany me along the way. To you, please make I say thank you, thank you let me in such years can also ease dream, let me be able to a insignificant posture face a window to listen.

The dream flowers, quietly away, and in a hurry fell, some people, quietly, and silently walk, that time, like water flowing silence, from refused to make a little I stopped, and our story? Our story will end in where? Tomorrow's you I is near at hand, or the apart?





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Japanese Demography

I’m not the first person by a long shot to make this point, but it’s fairly amazing how much of Japan’s relative slide since the early 90s can be explained not by economics per se but by demography.

Using the Total Economy Database — another useful source — I find that from 1992 to 2007 (eve of the crisis), Japanese GDP per capita fell from 88 percent of US GDP per capita to 76 percent. That sounds bad, and it is. But about two-thirds of that decline can be explained by the aging of Japan’s population. According to the OECD factbook, in 1992 working-age adults were 69.7 percent of Japan’s population, compared with 65.5 in the US; by 2007, the Japanese number was down to 64, while the US number was up to 67.

Demography is not the whole story; Japan has stayed depressed, deflation is a problem, labor markets are poor (although the trouble tends to show in rising numbers of freeters rather than high measured unemployment.) Still, when you look at Japan’s declining share of world GDP, and even its relative decline in per capita GDP, the biggest single cause is the declining number of working-age Japanese.











ダニエルピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学




最初に告白させてください。20年ほど前にしたあることを私は後悔しています。あまり自慢できないようなことをしてしまいました。誰にも知られたくないと思うようなことです。それでも明かさなければならないと感じています(ざわざわ)。1980年代の後半に私は若気の至りからロースクールlaw schoolに行ったのです(笑)。

In America, 法律専門職学位です。まずuniversityを出て、それからlaw schoolへ行きます。law schoolで私はあまり成績が芳しくありませんでした。控えめに言ってもあまり良くなく、上位90パーセント以内という成績で卒業graduateしました(笑)。どうもlaw関係の仕事はしたことがありません。やらせてallowed toもらえなかったというべきかも (笑)。

But today, betterではないことだとは思いつつ、wifeの忠告にも反しながら、このlegal skillsを再び引っ張り出すことにしました。今日はstoryはtellしません。主張caseを立証します。合理的で証拠evidenceに基づいた法廷におけるような論証で、how we run our businessesを再考してみたいと思います。

陪審員juryの皆さん, take a look at this。This is called 「ロウソクの問題」。ご存じの方もいるかもしれません。1945年にKarl Dunckerという心理学者psychologistがこの実験experimentを考案し、様々な行動scienceのexperimentで用いました。ご説明しましょう。私が実験者だとします。私はあなた方を部屋に入れてcandle画鋲thumbtackとマッチmatchesを渡します。そしてこう言います。「テーブルtableに蝋waxがたれないようにcandleを壁wallに取り付けattachしてください。」Now what would you do?

Many peopleはthumbtackでcandleをwallに留めようとします。でもうまくいきません。あそこで手真似をしている人がいましたが、matchの火でcandleを溶かしてwallにくっつけるというideaを思いつく人もいます。いいideaですがうまくいきません。After five or 10 minutes, most peopleは解決法を見つけます。このようにすればいいのです。Keyになるのは「機能的固着functional fixedness」を乗り越えるovercomeするということです。最初、あのboxを見て、単なる画鋲の入れ物だと思うでしょうが、それは別な使い方をすることもできます。candleの台platformになるのです。これがcandle problemです。

次にSam Glucksbergというscientistが、このcandle problemを使って行ったexperimentをご紹介します。彼は現在Princeton Universityにいます。この実験でthe power of incentivesがわかります。彼は参加者participantsを集めてこう言いました。「this problemをどれくらい早く解けるsolveできるか時計で計ります。」そしてone groupにはthis sort of problemを解くのに一般にどれくらい時間がかかるのかaverage時間を知りたいのだと言います。もう1つのgroupには報酬rewardsを提示します。「上位25percentの人には5dollarsお渡しします。fastestになった人は20dollarsです。」Now this is several years ago物価上昇inflation考慮に入れればa few minutes of workでもらえるmoneyとしては悪くありません。十分なmotivatorになります。

このグループはどれくらい早く問題を解けたのでしょう?答えはon average, 3分半余計に時間がかかりました。Three and a half minutes longer。そんなのおかしいですよね?I'm an American。I believe in 自由市場。そんな風になるわけがありません(笑)。If you want people to perform better, 報酬を出せばいい。Bonuses, commissions, あるいは何であれ、incentiveを与えるのです。That's how business works。しかしここでは結果が違いました。Thinkingが鋭くなり、creativityが加速されるようにと、incentiveを用意したのに、結果はoppositeになりました。思考は鈍く、creativityは阻害されたのです。

この実験experimentがinterestingなのは、それが例外aberrationではないということです。この結果は何度も何度もfor nearly 40 years 再現replicateされてきたのです。この成功報酬的な動機付けmotivators―If Then式に「これをしたらこれが貰える」というやり方は、in some circumstancesでは機能します。しかし多くのtasksではうまくいかず、時には害harmにすらなります。これはsocial scienceにおける最も確固robustとした発見findingsの1つです。そして最も無視ignoreされている発見でもあります。

私はthe last couple of years, human motivation科学に注目してきました。特に外的動機付けextrinsic motivatorsと内的動機付けintrinsic motivatorsのdynamicsについてです。大きな違いがあります。If you look at これ、scienceが解明したこととbusinessで行われていることにmismatchがあるのがわかります。business operating system、つまりビジネスの背後にある前提assumptionsや手順においては、how we motivate people、どう人を割り当てるかという問題は、もっぱらextrinsic motivators(アメとムチ)にたよっています。That's actually fine for many kinds of 20th century tasks。But for 21st century tasks, 機械的mechanisticなご褒美と罰reward-and-punishmentというapproachは機能せず、うまくいかないか、害harmになるのです。Let me show you what I mean。

Glucksbergはこれと似たanother experimentもしました。このように若干違ったslightly differentな形で問題を提示したのです。Tableにwaxがたれないようにcandleを壁にattachしてください。条件は同じ。あなたたちは平均時間を計ります。あなたたちにはincentiveを与えます。What happened this time?今回はincentivizedグループの方が断然勝ちました。Why?箱に画鋲が入っていなかったから。it's pretty easy isn't it?(「サルでもわかる」ロウソクの問題) (笑)

If-then rewards work really well for those sorts of tasks。Simpleなルールとclearな答えがある場合です。Rewardsというのはfocusを狭めmindを集中させるものです。That's why報酬が機能する場合が多い。だからこのような狭い視野で目の前にあるゴールをまっすぐ見ていればよい場合にはthey work really well。But for the real candle problem, そのような見方をしているわけにはいきません。The solutionが目の前に転がってはいないからです。周りを見回す必要があります。Rewardはfocusを狭め、私たちの可能性possibilityを限定restrictしてしまうのです。

Let me tell you why this is so important。In western Europe, in many parts of Asia, in North America, in Australia, white collarの仕事にはthis kind of workは少なく、このような種類の仕事が増えています。That routine, rule-based, left brain work, certain kinds of accounting, certain kinds of financial analysis, certain kinds of computer programingは 簡単にアウトソースできます。簡単にautomateできます。Softwareのほうが早くできます。世界中Low-cost providersがいます。だから重要になるのはthe more right-brained creative, conceptual kinds of abilitiesです。

Your own workを考えてみてください。Youが直面faceしている問題は、あるいはweがここで議論しているようなproblemsは、こちらのkindでしょうか?A clear set of rules, and a single solutionがあるような?そうではないでしょう。ルールあいまいで、答えはそもそも存在するとしての話ですが、驚くようなsurprisingものであり、けっして自明obviousではありません。Everybody in this room is dealing with their own version of the candle problem。And for candle problems of any kind, in any field, if-then rewardsは機能しないのです。企業の多くはそうしていますが。

Now, これにはcrazyになりそうです。どういうことかというと、これはfeelingではありません。私は法律家lawyerです。Feelingsなんて信じません。This is not a 哲学philosophy。I'm an American。Philosophyなんて信じません(笑)。This is a fact。私が住んでいるWashington D.C.でよく使われる言い方をするとtrue factです(笑)。(拍手)Let me give you an example of what I mean。Evidenceの品を提示します。Iはstoryをtellしているのではありません。I'm making a 立証。

Ladies and gentlemen of the 陪審員, 証拠を提示します: Dan Ariely, one of the great economists of our time, Heは3人の仲間とともにsome MIT studentsを対象に実験studyを行いました。These MIT studentsにたくさんのgamesを与えます。Creativity, and 運動能力motor skills, and concentrationが要求されるようなゲームです。そして成績に対するthree levels of rewardsを用意しました。Small reward, medium reward, large reward。Okay?非常にいい成績なら全額、いい成績なら半分の報酬がもらえます。What happened?「As long as the task involved only mechanical skill、bonusesは期待通りに機能し、報酬が大きいほどパフォーマンスが良くなった。 しかし、cognitive skillが多少とも要求されるタスクになると、larger rewardはより低い成績をもたらした。」

Then they said,「cultural biasがあるのかもしれない。Indiaのマドゥライで試してみよう。」In Madurai, Standard of livingが低いので、North Americaではたいしたことのないrewardが 大きな意味を持ちます。実験の条件はSameです。A bunch of games, three levels of rewards. What happens? medium level of rewardsを提示された人たちは small rewardsの人たちと成績が変わりませんでした。But this time, people offered the highest rewards, they did the worst of all。「In eight of the nine tasks we examined across 3回の実験, よりhigherインセンティブがworse成績という結果となった。」

これはおなじみの感覚的なsocialistの陰謀conspiracyなのでしょうか?No. Theyはeconomists from MIT, from Carnegie Mellon, from the University of Chicagoです。And do you know who sponsored this research? FRBです。これはまさにAmerican experienceなのです。

Let's go across the pond to the London School of Economics。11人のNobel 受賞者 in economicsを輩出しています。Great経済頭脳がここで学んでいます。George Soros, and Friedrich Hayek, and Mick Jagger(笑)。Last month, just last month, economists at LSE looked at 51 studies of 成果主義 plans, inside of companies。彼らの結論は「We find that 金銭的なインセンティブ can result in a negative impact on 全体的なパフォーマンス.」ということでした。

There is a 食い違い between what 科学 knows and what ビジネス does. And what worries me, as この潰れた経済の瓦礫の中に立って, is that あまりに多くの組織 are making their decisions, their policies about 人や才能, based on assumptions that are 時代遅れ, 検証されていない, and rooted more in 神話 than in 科学. this 経済の窮地からget out ofと思うなら 21st century的な答えのないtasksで high performanceを出そうと思うのなら、wrong thingsを これ以上続けるのはやめるべきです. To 誘惑 people with a sweeter carrot, or 脅す them with a 鋭いムチ. まったく新しいアプローチが必要なのです.

And the いいニュース about all of this is that scientistsが新しいapproachを示してくれているということです. It's an approach built much more around 内的な motivation. Around the desire to do things because they matter, because we 好き it, because they're 面白い, because they are 何か重要なことの一部. And to my mind, that new operating system for our businesses revolves around three elements: 自主性、成長、目的. 自主性, the 欲求 to 方向 our own lives. 成長, the desire to get better and better at 何か大切なこと. 目的, the 切望 to do what we do in the service of 大きな何か than ourselves. これらがour businessesのentirely new operating systemの要素なのです.

I want to talk today only about 自主性. In the 20th 世紀, we came up with this idea of マネジメント. Management did not 自然に生じた. Management is like -- it's not a 木. It's a テレビ. Okay? Somebody 発明した it. And it doesn't mean it's going to work 永久に. Management is great. 服従を望むなら, Traditional notions of management are ふさわしい. しかし参加を望むなら, 自主性 works better.

Let me give you some 例 of some kind of 過激なnotions of 自主性. What this means -- あまり多くはありませんが 、非常に面白いことが起きています. Because what it means is paying people 適切に and 公正に, 間違いなく. Getting お金の問題 off the table. And then giving people 大きな自主性. Let me give you 具体的な例.

How many of you ご存じ of the 会社 Atlassian? 半分もいない感じですね(笑). Atlassian is an オーストラリアソフトウェア会社. And they do すごくクールなこと. A few times a year they tell their エンジニア, "これから24時間何をやってもいい, as long as it's not part of your regular job. Work on 好きなことを何でも" So that エンジニア use this time to come up with a cool 継ぎ接ぎ for code, come up with an エレガントなハック. Then they 何を作ったのか見せる to their teammates, to the rest of the company, in 雑然とした全員参加の会合 at the end of the day. And then, オーストラリアですから, everybody has a ビール.

They call them 「FedExの日」. Why? Because you 何かを一晩で送り届けなければならない. It's 素敵. It's not bad. It's a huge 商標権 侵害. But it's pretty clever. (Laughter) That one day of 集中的な自主活動 has produced 多数の software 修正 that might never have existed.

And it's worked so well that Atlassian has taken it to 次のレベル with 20 Percent Time. Googleがやっていることで有名ですね.Where エンジニア can work, spend 20 percent of their time working on anything they want. They have 自主性 over their time, their task, their team, their 技術. Okay? Radical amounts of 自主性, And at Google, as many of you know, 新製品の半分近く in a typical year are 生まれています during that 20 Percent Time. Things like Gmail, Orkut, Google News.

Let me give you an even more 過激な example of it. Something called 「完全結果志向職場環境」. The ROWE(Results Only Work Environment). Created by two American コンサルタント, in place at about a dozen companies around 北アメリカ. In a ROWE people don't have スケジュール. They show up 好きなときに. They don't have to be in the office 特定の時間に, or any time. They just have to 仕事を成し遂げる. How they do it, when they do it, where they do it, is totally up to them. ミーティング in these kinds of environments are オプショナル.

What happens? ほとんどの場合, productivity goes up, 雇用期間 goes up, 社員満足度 goes up, 離職率 goes down. 自主性Autonomy, 成長mastery and 目的purpose, These are the 構成要素 of a new way of doing things. Now some of you might look at this and say, "Hmm, 結構だけど、it's 夢物語." And I say, "Nope. I have 証拠."

The mid 1990s, Microsoft started an 百科事典encyclopedia called Encarta. They had deployed all the right インセンティブ. All the right incentives. They paid プロ to write and edit 何千という記事. たっぷり報酬をもらっている managers oversaw the whole thing to make sure it came in on budget and on time. 何年か後に another encyclopedia got started. 別なモデル, right? Do it for 楽しみ. No one gets paid a cent, or a Euro or a Yen. Do it because you 好き to do it.

ほんの10年前に, if you had gone to an 経済学者, anywhere, And said, "Hey, I've got 百科事典を作る2つのモデル. 対決したら, who would win?" 10 years ago you could not have found a single まともな経済学者 anywhere on planet Earth, who would have predicted the Wikipediaモデル.

This is the 大きな battle between these two approaches. This is モチベーションにおけるアリ vs フレージャー戦. Right? This is 伝説マニラ決戦. Alright? 内的な motivators versus 外的な motivators. Autonomy, mastery and purpose, versus アメとムチcarrot and sticks. And who wins? Intrinsic motivation, autonomy, mastery and purposeが ノックアウト勝利します.まとめましょう.

There is a 食い違い between what science knows and what business does. And here is what science knows. One: Those 20th century rewards, those motivators we think are a 当然 part of business, do work, but only in a surprisingly narrow band of circumstances. Two: Those if-then rewards often 損なう creativity. Three: The 秘訣 to high performance isn't rewards and punishments, but that 見えない intrinsic drive. The drive to do things 自分自身のため. The drive to do things それが重要なことだから.

And here's the best part. Here's the best part. We already know this. The science confirms what we know in our hearts. So, if we repair this mismatch between what science knows and what business does, If we bring our motivation, notions of motivation into the 21st century, if we get past this lazy, dangerous, ideology of carrots and sticks, we can strengthen our businesses, we can solve a lot of those candle problems, and maybe, maybe, maybe we can change the world. I rest my 立証。

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