Ghost Leg (Chinese: 畫鬼腳), known in Japan as Amidakuji (阿弥陀籤, "Amida lottery", so named because the paper was folded into a fan shape resembling Amida's halo[1]) or in Korea as Sadaritagi (사다리타기, literally "ladder climbing")


The 1981 arcade game Amidar programmed by Konami and published by Stern used the same lattice as a maze. The game even took its name from Amidakuji and most of the enemy movement conformed to the lot drawing game's rules

An early Sega Master System game called Psycho Fox uses the mechanics of an Amidakuji board as a means to bet a bag of coins on a chance at a prize at the top of the screen. Later Sega Genesis games based on the same game concept DecapAttack and its Japanese predecessor "Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibōken" follow the same game mechanics, including the Amidakuji bonus levels.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins features an Amidakuji-style bonus game that rewards the player with a power-up. New Super Mario Bros. and Wario: Master of Disguise feature an Amidakuji-style minigame in which the player uses the stylus to trace lines that will lead the character down the right path.

In Mario Party there is a mini game where one of the four players pours money into an Amidakuji made out of pipes. The goal is to try to choose the path leading to the character controlled by the player.

The BoSpider in Mega Man X and Maverick Hunter X descends onto the player via an Amidakuji path.

In Super Monkey Ball 2, there is a level in the Advanced-Extra difficulty named "Amida Lot" (Advanced-EX 7) that features a floor resembling an Amidakuji board, which bumper travels around the way and may knock off the player if they happen to hit them. The goal only travels through one of the vertical lines and the player must reach the goal using the ghost legs while avoiding the bumpers to not fall out.

In WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!, the microgame "Noodle Cup" features Amidakuji-style gameplay.

Azalea Gym in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver was redesigned with an Amidakuji-based system of carts to cross. The correct choices lead to the gym leader; the wrong ones lead to other trainers to fight.

Phantasy Star Online 2 uses the principle of Amidakuji for a randomly appearing bomb-defusing minigame. One must trace an Amidakuji path around each bomb to determine which button defuses it; incorrect selections knock players away for a few seconds, wasting time.

In the manga Liar Game (vol 17), an Amidakuji is used for determinate the rank of each participant to the penultimate stage of the game.

In the Japanese drama Don Quixote (episode 10), the character Shirota (Shota Matsuda) uses Amidakuji to help decide between candidate families for an adoption.

In the anime Cardcaptor Sakura (episode 41), the character Kaho Mizuki, Sakura's teacher, uses Amidakuji in order to choose which student will play each role in a certain school play.

In the anime Magic Kyun Renassiance (episode 10), the characters used Amidakuji to determine which rooms they'd get while at the villa after the Art Session.

The Japanese band "SCANDAL" released "A.M.D.K.J." (January 2020) and music video— https://www.scandal-heaven.com/t14860-a-m-d-k-j-lyrics


記事への反応 -
  • 48歳。牡牛座。好きな食べ物は牡蠣フライ。 大卒で幸い収入は人並み以上、子供は高校生と中学生の二人、妻とも仲がいい。 持ち家もあるから在宅勤務でステイホームしていられる。軽...

    • そうやって知らないフリして、 最後に知らなかったで済まそうったってそうはいかないよ。 早く次の一手を打てよ。

      • あみだくじに次の一手なんかあるのか?(追加の線を一本、のこと?)

        • 今やってるあみだくじを仕切り直すか、別のをやるか、とっとと降りるか、でも良いと思う。

          • カジノでAMIDA-KUJIやってる図が浮かんだ

            • AMIDA-KUJIってなんだ?って思って検索 Ghost Leg (Chinese: 畫鬼腳), known in Japan as Amidakuji (阿弥陀籤, "Amida lottery", so named because the paper was folded into a fan shape resembling Amida's halo[1]) or in Korea as Sadaritag...

    • ママに聞け

    • 乞食は死ね

    • 桑田佳祐『おとっこと~、おっんっなの~、あっいだ~にぃ~、バッバッア~♪』 よく聴いたら秀逸だよな

    • あみだくじ は、 縦方向に人数分を線を書いて、隣り合う線の間に適当にランダムに何本かの横線で繋いで作ります。 縦線の中に1個だけ当たりを作って、その線の下に●をつけます。...


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