1(A) 次の英文の内容を、70~80字の日本語に要約せよ。句読点字数に含める。

1(A) 次の英文の内容を、70~80字の日本語に要約せよ。句読点字数に含める。

Japanese is concluded from two of the next.

At first a source language as the shared sound and form exists. Then, the high language that only a ruler can understand exists. This high language is special, and the person ruled over cannot understand this. Japanese race is surely a race sharing a language. However, the language that they share is a sound and form low-grade to the last, and the language for the ruler is never shared to them.

For Japanese shared by a Japanese, there is only the language that is so-called base character.

In the future, the Japanese may not share a high-level language either. The Japanese is divided into the ruler who is a sophisticate and a person ruled over. They are the races which still share a lower language by a sound and the form, but the language equal to a European and American language is never shared. It depends on the next reason.

The Japanese ruler is angry at the native most badness of Japanese people and performs transcendence-like self-generation. He thereby becomes a man of power. That means, it means that the Japanese of the overwhelming majority that cannot be angry at a native human being cannot follow a ruler. In other words, in Japan, the democratic constitution is never agreed. The reason why all the Japanese get ability for agreement for such a constitution is at first impossible. Thus, there is not the constitution of the democracy in Japan.

In Japan, the phenomenon that the agreement for the democratic constitution is concluded is absolutely impossible. It is only an empire constitution that Japan can exist.

The Japanese cannot get a modern nation by the power of GHQ either. The Japanese can make only a German empire constitution of the 19th century.

The Nazis abolished the constitution like superior German welfare principles, but, in Japan, they are surely less than it. Japan cannot agree even the constitution like the principle of welfare. The Japanese ruler can adopt only the empire constitution that a German establish after Holy Roman Empire collapse.

In the first place the phenomenon that 100 million human beings whom there is in Japan agree a democracy constitution is never caused. However, the Japanese emperor can establish a dominant constitution.


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