Apple patent to display in portable devices used in fuel cells

Apple on an application for a patent for the fuel cells on Thursday are exposed. In the patent application, apple describes a kind of electronic equipment, such as notebook computer use fuel cells, and without any increase in too much weight of fuel cell performance optimization method.

An application for a patent for the title as "for portable computing devices power supply of fuel cell system". Apple says, consumers are becoming more and more attention to use of renewable energy. Fuel cell in technology competitive, as the energy density high, compared with the traditional batteries can be in the same volume provide more energy.

Apple patent application show: "fuel cells and additional fuel can bring high energy density, in not adding fuel to support of portable electronic devices for days or even weeks." Apple also said, use a fuel cell is to face the challenge of portability and cost.

Usually, the fuel cells to electronic equipment support portable charging, and users need to carry a fuel rods. And this is different, have conceived a and apple electronic equipment tightly integrated fuel cell. And this one the bulk of the patent application in a description of a fuel cell stack is used to optimize the flow of energy control system.

Another apple patent application describes how the fuel cell and rechargeable batteries work together, and to make the fuel cell and rechargeable batteries charging each other. This patent application said: "it will be to make the fuel cell system not necessary to large and heavy integration of the battery, thus obviously reduce the fuel cell system size, weight and cost."

This is not the first application for apple about fuel cell patent. Patently Apple web site said, October the exposure to a patent application shows that Apple are designing a fuel panels, from portable equipment to produce more energy.

About fuel itself, apple a patent application shows that there are a variety of fuel for power electronic equipment, one of which is sodium borohydride and water mixture. But these are still at the experimental stage, has yet to commercial.

Portable fuel cell charger faces a major obstacle is that manufacturers need to establish sales channel sales and recycled fuel rods. Apple will likely use apple retail stores to have finished the work.





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